Discover all-in-one drone services to streamline workflows on farms and plantations.

Overview of our Agriculture Solutions

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Turnkey Solution

Let our drone experts handle the planning, flying, processing and data analytics, which will be summarised in concise, actionable reports for you.

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Drone Operation Setup

If you already have or are planning to purchase a drone, we can assist you in setting up a sustainable drone program for long-term results.

Why Use Drones in Agriculture?

Monitor Your Farm With Ease

High-resolution maps for you to keep track of your plantation, monitor plant health and plan for harvest & replantation cycles.

Administer Swift Preventive Measures

Highly granular data reports enable you to take immediate action to address diseased trees and problematic areas.

Forecast Harvest Yields Accurately

Accurately measure and monitor yield cycles to maximise harvests and estimate future yields and profitability.

How We Visualise The Data

Vacant Land Map

  • Reveals areas of unutilised land
  • Allows for strategic crop replanting

Digitalised Map

  • High resolution map
  • Precise 2D measurements of distance and area
  • Automated tree counting (up to 99% accurate)

Digital Terrain Model (DTM)

  • Terrain surface map
  • Reveals Earth's surface without any objects represented
  • Allows for terrain analysis

Digital Elevation Model (DEM)

  • Contains height information
  • Contour lines denote elevation
  • Allows for drainage and flooding analysis

Digital Surface Model (DSM)

  • Reveals Earth's surface with all objects represented (e.g. tree canopy)
  • Allows for vegetation management

Canopy Height Model (CHM)

  • Represents the difference between DSM and DEM
  • Allows analysis of tree heights

Recommended drones

Oryctes For Crop Spraying

A local Malaysian innovation, Oryctes delivers premium yet cost-effective spraying for Southeast Asian growers.Harness the latest agrotechnology for your farm by using drones to automate your spraying workflow. Reduce your reliance on manpower and achieve new levels of productivity.

DJI Phantom 4 Multispectral For Plant Health Analysis

Phantom 4 Multispectral consolidates the process of capturing data that gives insight into crop health and vegetation management. DJI has created this platform with the same powerful performance standards that DJI is known for, including 27 minutes max flight time and up to 7 km transmission range with the OcuSync system.

How It Works

Drones simplify plantation data management into three simple steps.

Data Collection

Data Processing and Analysis

Review of Results & Preventive Action

Why Poladrone?

Region's Leading Agriculture Drone Solutions Provider

Since 2016, we've worked with countless plantations owners and managers who trust us to bring drone automation into their workflow, to boost output and efficiency.

Team of Certified Pilots

Our in-house team of certified and highly experienced pilots are available to handle end-to-end drone operation anywhere in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

99% Tree Counting Accuracy

AIRAMAP, our flagship aerial mapping software, has a proven 99% accuracy rate in tree counting and tagging, making it the most accurate on the market.

Full compliance with Drone Laws

All our operations are conducted in line with local authorities such as the Department of Survey and Mapping (JUPEM) and the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM).

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