Oryctes Mist

The new Malaysian agriculture drone that provides superior wide-area coverage at unmatched efficiency.

What is Oryctes Mist?

Spraying crops by hand will soon be a thing of the past. Oryctes Mist is our latest agriculture drone solution, a powerful 16L spraying drone that automates crop spraying for farms and plantations of all sizes.

In just one hour, Oryctes Mist covers the same area that a worker on foot would cover in a full day of work. Ideal for blanket application on paddy, farmland, and open field crops, it delivers premium crop protection at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods, while making spraying much faster, easier, and safer for workers and the environment.

Oryctes Mist is proudly designed and developed in Malaysia using top-grade components. Oryctes Mist is also fully integrated with Airamap™, our proprietary drone mapping software, to help you visualise and review past spraying data.

Rugged and reliable, Oryctes Mist is a perfect entry point for farms of all sizes looking to introduce IR4.0 automation into their daily operations.

Spraying that Suits Your Needs

With a customisable 2-pump, 4-nozzle system, you have full control over spray pressure, amount and droplet size. Finetune your Oryctes Mist to spray evenly with minimal drift and plan personalised flight missions to suit your farm layout using Airamap.

Flexibility at Your Fingertips

Choose to operate your Oryctes Mist in automatic flight or manual flight using our intuitive, professional Oryctes controller. With Airamap smart flight planning, Oryctes Mist can operate automatically along preset flight routes for easy routine spraying. Or opt to fly in manual mode for when you need immediate control.

Reduce Pesticide Usage & Exposure

Precisely control the quantity and area of spraying to avoid using excessive pesticide, saving costs and reducing effects of environmental pollution. By using Oryctes Mist to spray from afar, you also drastically improve the safety of your workers by minimising their exposure to chemicals.

Stay on Top of Your Farm’s Data

Track your crop spraying operations automatically with Airamap, our proprietary flight planning and logging platform for Oryctes Mist. View past flight information and plan upcoming ones to ensure a consistently high quality of spraying for full crop protection.

Recommended Setup

What makes Oryctes Mist special?

24 Ha/day

IP65 Rating

16 Litres Capacity

Quick Swap Batteries

Blanket Spraying

Customisable Nozzle

Integrates with Airamap

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