Oryctes Dual

Designed for precision application of spray fluid on oil palm, introducing a new layer of effective protection against pest attacks.

What is Oryctes Dual?

Oryctes Dual is the modern solution to an age-old problem. As the first drone purpose-built for oil palm, Oryctes Dual provides smart protection for your crops against pests such as the rhinoceros beetle.

Capable of spraying with centimetre-level accuracy, Oryctes Dual applies precise amounts of spray liquid to individual palm crowns ensuring even and consistent coverage.

Gain full control over your plantation by automating your oil palm spraying workflow. Precisely set your spray amount and flight area to eliminate any wastage and guarantee efficient performance.

Oryctes Dual is proudly designed and developed in Malaysia using top-grade components. Oryctes Dual is also fully integrated with Airamap™, our proprietary drone mapping software, to help you visualise and review past spraying data.

Cutting-Edge Precision Spraying

Harnessing RTK positioning technology and a unique single-nozzle design, Oryctes Dual sprays with centimetre-level precision. Powered by Airamap, our proprietary AI mapping tool, Oryctes Dual pinpoints every palm for machine-perfect spraying accuracy.

Single Drone, Dual Modes

Switch between spot mode and blanket mode to suit your spraying needs. Spot mode is ideal for high precision application via a single-nozzle design, while blanket mode provides wide area spray coverage using a four-nozzle setup.

Reduce Pesticide Usage & Exposure

Precisely control the quantity and area of spraying to avoid using excessive pesticide, saving costs and reducing effects of environmental pollution. By using Oryctes Dual to spray from afar, you also drastically improve the safety of your workers by minimising their exposure to chemicals.

Stay on Top of Your Farm’s Data

Track your plantation data down to every palm with Airamap’s 99% accurate tree counting. Oryctes Dual integrates with Airamap to give you full access to past flight information, which you can view with an ultra-high-definition aerial map of your plantation grounds.

Recommended Setup

What makes Oryctes Dual special?

24 Ha/day

IP65 Rating

16 Litres Capacity

Quick Swap Batteries

Spot Spraying

Blanket Spraying

RTK Centimeter Level Accuracy

Integrates with Airamap

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