Accuracy of RTK spot spraying using Oryctes Dual

Review spot spraying accuracy of Oryctes Dual drone in spraying operations for oil palm plantations.

In commercial agriculture, rhinoceros beetles (Oryctes rhinoceros) are known as a serious pest of coconut and oil palm plantations, where the adult beetles feed on growing shoots of young palms, damaging or, in severe cases, killing them.

Adult rhinoceros beetles bore through petiole bases into the central unopened leaves to feed on meristematic tissue in the crown region of the oil palm. Consequently, a common sign of beetle attacks are V-shaped or wedge-shaped cuts in new fronds when they unfold. Damaged fronds may collapse or break off along the petiole or midrib, which affects the photosynthetic ability of damaged palms and considerably reduces fruit yield.

This paper explores the feasibility of using drones to control rhinoceros beetle populations by deploying them in plantations to spray insecticide on immature oil palms. The drone model used in the study is Oryctes Dual, a spot spraying drone that has been developed to spray with high precision on oil palms. Unlike most agricultural spraying drones, Oryctes Dual sprays with a single jet stream instead of a blanket mist, making it potentially a unique new tool for oil palm plantations.

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