High Precision Agriculture Spraying

Powerful and precise, Oryctes brings drone technology into farms to transform crop spraying for agribusinesses of all sizes.

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Targeted Protection from Pest Attacks

Named after the infamous oil palm pest, Oryctes drones provide fast and consistent pest protection for a wide variety of crops.

Harness the latest agrotechnology for your farm by using drones to automate your spraying workflow. Reduce your reliance on manpower and achieve new levels of productivity.

A local Malaysian innovation, Oryctes delivers premium yet cost-effective spraying for Southeast Asian growers.

Introducing Oryctes Dual

Spot Spraying

Blanket Spraying

RTK Accuracy

Oryctes Dual is the first agricultural drone able to carry out spot and blanket spraying missions.

Created specifically for oil palm application, Oryctes Dual is a proven solution for damaging pests such as the rhinoceros beetle (kumbang tanduk).

Using RTK-refined geo-targeting and proprietary AI tree identification by Airamap™, Oryctes Dual brings machine precision into your pest control workflows to deliver superior results.

Introducing Oryctes Mist

Blanket Spraying

Adjustable Nozzle

Oryctes Mist provides high-productivity drone spraying at an accessible price.

Perfect for blanket application on paddy and open field crops, Oryctes Mist delivers premium crop protection at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Rugged and reliable, Oryctes Mist is a perfect entry point for farms of all sizes looking to introduce IR4.0 automation into their farming operations.

Have Full Control Over Your Farm and Data

All flights carried out by Oryctes drones are planned and logged using the Oryctes Flight App, so you can easily track and view complete information about past spraying missions.

Work Faster with Non-stop Performance

Oryctes drones are modern workhorses. With an upgraded 16L payload capacity, Oryctes easily covers 2 to 3 hectares every hour.

Combined with its hot-swappable battery feature, the Oryctes operates seamlessly on back-to-back flights, all day long.

Simple to Setup, Easy to Use

With 10 minutes of setup, Oryctes is able to launch and land vertically on any area of flat ground.

Once in the air, choose to fly in Automatic mode, which starts pre-planned missions at the push of a button; or Manual mode, for when you need immediate, responsive control.

Consistent Performance You Can Count On

Reduce human error by switching to a fully automated planning and spraying system using Oryctes.

Using custom nozzles designed to suit your spraying needs, Oryctes ensures even application on your crops, every time.

Spray Safely and Efficiently on Steep Terrain

Supported by a powerful six-rotor platform, Oryctes performs just as well on terraces as on flat land.

Using its front and downward-facing sensors, Oryctes navigates uneven terrain with ease while avoiding obstacles. In the event of emergencies, its Return To Home feature brings it safely back.

Two Ways to Spray

Spot Mode

  • For precise application on individual crops.
  • Perfect for plantation crops, e.g. oil palm
  • Single nozzle applicator system
  • Adjustable spray amount and duration
  • Covers 16 hectares per day (oil palm)
  • Available exclusively on Oryctes Dual.

Blanket Mode

  • For fast, even coverage across large areas.
  • Perfect for row crops, e.g. paddy
  • 4 nozzle applicator system
  • Adjustable droplet size and spray rate
  • Covers 24 hectares per day
  • Available on Oryctes Mist and Oryctes Dual.

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