Aerial Virus Outbreak Prevention Solution By DJI

by Afiq Bahruddin

As the Covid-19 outbreak has become severe, forcing several countries worldwide to enter a lockdown period, DJI with its network of partners across China has sought to find new, experimental ways to deploy DJI drones –in addition to existing proven ones –that help to combat this epidemic.

While it is unclear just how effective these new techniques are, DJI wants to share these novel applications with its partner network across the globe, to help them contribute to fighting the spread of COVID-2019 in their countries and localities.

source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

For an idea on the breadth of the drone usage in China, here are a few highlights:

  • Over 50 towns and cities across 18 Chinese provinces are using drones for public safety communication and inspection.
  • As of February 3rd, DJI agriculture drones have disinfected over 200 million square meters for more than 3000 administrative villages, with operation time exceeding 4000 hours.
How drones are responding towards the emergency

Key problems that are faced in the light of this pandemic are of course the efficiency in disinfection of public areas, movement inspection and others.

There are also the risks of human contact when doing the inspection and disinfection operations such as patrolling, body temperature measurements and crowd monitoring.

Plus, there would also be a coverage problem to the general population that do not have access to the communication network such as internet, radio and television for the latest updates and directions from the authorities.

Such that, drones have been one of the key problem solutions by giving the convenience of remote operations that is evidently, contributed to the reduction of infection.

Proven Drones Solutions for Fighting Covid-19

Drone Delivery

For epidemic prevention, drones can be utilized by law enforcement officials to deliver emergency supplies to citizens. This reduces the unnecessary risks of human exposure without breaking regional control regulations. Delivering supplies via the air is fast and efficient and at the same time reducing human exposures and reduce the risk of spreading the virus

DJI has utilised its heavy industrial drone, Matrice 600 Pro for this purpose. With maximum payload capacity up to 6 kg, Matrice 600 Pro is the ideal platform fr this purpose. The platform is then equipped with a third party payload drop component to better fit the delivery operations.

Matrice 600 Pro

Other components include an A3 Pro Flight Controller with Triple Modular Redundancy and comprehensive battery management system.

A3 Pro Flight Controller with Triple Modular Redundancy
Comprehensive Battery Management System
Third Party Payload Drop

Inspection And Dispersion

Drones Increase Efficiency of Control over Public Area and Road Traffic

As the spring festival in China came to an end, huge flows of people are travelling back to where they work. Drones can help disperse traffic and reduce close contact among traffic policemen. A quick aerial inspection over administrative areas can also discover issues and help decision-makers figure out solutions in a timely manner.

Drones can be used to conduct large scale aerial inspection over key traffic hubs and help disperse traffic congestions, inspect all public areas including streets, communities and villages, detecting crowds in time and reduce risk from the contactless operations.

Through its onboard speaker, drones can be used to support public advisory efforts by broadcasting critical health and safety messages without the need to expose public safety officials to unnecessary risk.

This includes dispersing people gathering in public areas, urging people to take protective measures and guide the general public to cooperate with law enforcement and share prevention knowledge.

DJI has used their Matrice 200 Series V2 equipped with either visible light cameras, infrared cameras and third-party speakers payload in inspection and broadcast equipment.

Matrice 200 Series V2

This is due to the versatility of Matrice 200 Series V3 that is compatible with DJI 30x zoom camera, 24-megapixel camera and infrared camera, supported stable HD video transmission up to 8 km and IP43 Protection with greater adaptability to adverse environment.

Visible light cameras are suitable for inspecting key areas from an aerial perspective and quickly detect crowds and can zoom up to 30 time which helps operators to see more details.

Infrared cameras make it possible for aerial inspection to locate crowds at night while speakers can communicate with crowds on the ground to disperse people remotely and can play recordings of the prevention knowledge and news as a way to enhance epidemic control publicity.

On another hand, Mavic 2 Enterprise Series drones are also used for inspection, dispersion and broadcast equipment, which can be operated by single ground staff, can is very mobile and portable.

Mavic 2 Enterprise Series

Mavic 2 Enterprise Series comes with the weight under 1 kg, similar to a water bottle after folding, convenient for multi-task operations, and is ready to fly in 1 min, fast enough to respond to emergencies.

Other than that, Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual comes with night inspection capability where can be used to direct lost persons with greater ease using a dual spotlight that enhances your vision in low-light areas.

In the next article, we will be exploring the experimental methods that have been taken by DJI in improvising their drones model to monitor body temperature and disinfection by spraying drones.

If you keen to explore the industrial drone technology, you can contact us for more information.

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