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What We Do

We're accelerating the path to the drone revolution.

Founded by a team of engineers, Poladrone is an all-in-one drone solutions provider for enterprises looking to modernise and streamline their operations workflow.

Our mission is to help companies overcome difficult tasks through innovative and cost-efficient drone technology strategies.

More than just toys for the enthusiast, we believe drones are the workhorses of the future.

Our Services

Discover how drones are transforming industrial operations and processes.

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Drones provide an efficient, reliable and lightweight solution to the labourious tasks of crop spraying and monitoring.

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Mapping & Surveying

Drones equipped with RTK GPS technology are able to map terrain more quickly and accurately than ever before.

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Infrastructure Inspection

Drones are perfect for difficult inspection jobs which require precision work in often dangerous environments.

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Drones simplify site inspection, mapping, and monitoring while capturing dynamic progress reports on the job.

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Safety & Surveillance

Drones reduce response delay and personnel risk in search-and-rescue missions and public safety operations.

Our Products

We carry a range of models, payloads and software from the world’s leading drone technology brands.


The best and latest in DJI’s range of enterprise drones, sourced through our partnership with DJI.


Industry-leading payloads from Sentera, FLIR and DJI for thermal imaging, multispectral crop inspection and more.

Spraying Drone

Malaysia's first precision spraying drone. Created to meet Southeast Asia's agricultural needs.

Mapping Made Easy

Poladrone’s flagship aerial mapping software. Airamap is simple to use yet powerfully accurate.


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