About Sentera NDVI sensor

Sentera’s integrated software and sensor products deliver fast, accurate information that improves outcomes for growers. The solutions integrate with virtually every digital agriculture platform, efficiently delivering critical measures of real-time crop performance directly into the tools crucial to agriculture professionals.

From basic imagery, accurate NDVI, and Red Edge products, to the most sophisticated multispectral, thermal, and machine learning technologies, Sentera gives you cost-effective, high-performance tools to continuously improve your operations, on and off the field.

Sentera AGX710 Gimballed Sensor

  • Efficiently capture relevant health indices, variants include: RGB, NDVI, NDRE, and nearly a dozen other specialized index products.
  • Actively scout fields with live-streaming video options.
  • Quickly integrate with DJI M200 and M210 drone series using Lock-and-Go gimbal technology.
  • Seamlessly flow data to FieldAgent Web, Mobile, and Desktop platform; generate shapefiles, support prescription development, and telematics integration

Sentera Single / Double / Quad Sensors

Sentera’s complete series of advanced TrueNDVI® sensors deliver unrivaled data sets, which consistently out-pace the industry in size, weight, price, quality and function. Agronomists, crop consultants, advisors and producers value the purposebuilt “little green sensors” that our forward-thinking engineers developed to better the agriculture industry


  • Minimizing the effects of damage begins with quickly and accurately detecting plant stress.
  • Capture comprehensive plant data quickly to help identify productive plants suitable for their environments and select desirable crop traits to improve outcomes.
  • The powerful multispectral data delivered by the 6X allows for you to pinpoint areas of low nutrient availability.
  • Quickly identify comprehensive field health, monitor the effects of applications throughout the season and determine the need for future applications with precision.



NDVI drone packages + FieldAgent™ precision ag software platform empower smart growing decisions.


Manage and view your data on any device using our revolutionary FieldAgent mobile, web, cloud, and desktop platform.

Complete Solutions

Sentera offers complete ready to use solutions. Included are a precision sensor, drone and 1-year subscription to FieldAgent ag software.

Satellite Data & More

FieldAgent combines multiple data layers to provide a complete picture of crop health. Data layers include satellite imaging, weather data, field events, and more!


Collect high-resolution, NIR, NDVI and NDRE imagery with some of the smallest, lightest sensors available today. Use precise data to make in-field decisions and take in-season action using FieldAgent.


State-of-the-art drones including the DJI M200, Phantom, Mavic & Inspire series. After data capture, all information flows seamlessly into Sentera’s FieldAgent platform – allowing for critical decisions.

Complete Ready To Fly Kit

Mavic 2 Pro + Single Sensor

Matrice 200 Series + AGX710 Multispectral

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