DJI Zenmuse xts

Professional Thermal Imaging Solution

What is Zenmuse XTS

Capture detailed thermal imagery using the Zenmuse XT S. Its high thermal sensitivity and resolution enable users across industries such as firefighting, search and rescue, and infrastructure inspection to see beyond their vision and make critical decisions quickly based on accurate insights.

Professional Thermal Imaging Solution

The weather-resistant Zenmuse XT S is your new go-to tool for capturing high-definition thermal imagery in both JPEG (640×512) and R-JPEG (640×512).


Sensitivity (NETD)


Frame Rate


Pixel Pitch


Ingress Protection Rating

Accurate Temperature Measurement

Spot Meter

Tap a point to get a real-time reading of the surface temperature, so you can closely monitor the site or any equipment.

Area Measurement

Select an area to view the lowest, highest, and average temperatures.

Intelligent Features

Temp Alarm

Digital Zoom


Color Palettes

Gain Modes

R-JPEG Images

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