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Experts in cutting edge drone technology building industry specific solutions

Who we are

Based in Malaysia, Poladrone Solutions Sdn Bhd was founded by a team of aerospace and data engineers.

Our team utilizes autonomous drones and customized algorithms to efficiently collect and analyze data. Our proprietary machine learning algorithms are developed for specific industries such as palm oil. In doing so, accurate insights are generated to improve efficiency. Poladrone is also an official DJI enterprise distributor in Malaysia, and has access to world-class tools & support to better serve our expanding client base.

Our Operations

  • On-site survey and staff

    Eye in the sky, feet on the ground

    Drone technology opens a range of possibilities and results, but it still requires skilled personnel to design the right solution according to your industry. Our experienced engineering staff will personally visit & survey your business site, evaluate your needs, then set up land boundaries and plan flight paths.

  • Drone leasing & training

    If you teach a man to fly a drone…

    We set up drone operations for your business and train you and your staff to operate the drones. This separates us from regular drone service providers whereby we enable our clients to monitor and collect data on a much higher frequency and lower cost, leading to more accurate information over time.

  • Data collection & storage

    More than drones in the clouds

    Using our web interface, you can directly upload the collected image scan data onsite through cellular network or Wi-Fi to our secure cloud servers. Following which we process the information and report the results back to you through your dedicated Poladrone client account.

  • Data analysis & visualization

    Translating data to action

    Aerial images only mean so much. Hence, our software & analytics team builds the necessary algorithms to translate and visualise the data gathered into actionable information—helping you plan your next best step in improving your business and sustainability efforts.

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