We are building the future of aerial data collection & analysis in Malaysia.

Poladrone is at the forefront of advancing Malaysian industries with drone technology.

As experts in drone technology, our mission is to solve industrial problems using aerial data and improve efficiencies at scale to create a sustainable future. We enable businesses to perform safe and cost-efficient drone operations more often, resulting in accurate data collection and analysis to aid decision making processes.
  • 1. Deploy

    Autonomous Drones

    On-site staff selects a preset autonomous flight mission depending on your current business needs.

  • 2. Upload

    Seamless Processing

    Upload collected data from anywhere to our secure servers for rapid processing and computations.

  • 3. Analyse

    Quick Decisions

    Within hours, processed maps with machine learning analysis is made available online for decision making.

Proprietary solutions

  • Accuracy

    Data that counts

    Our machine learning algorithms automatically count objects such as palm trees, cars, etc. with high precision for better inventory management.

  • Image interpretation

    Smart readings

    Our proprietary neural network categorises objects based pre-determined criteria to allow quick classifications.

  • Land survey

    No stone unturned

    Sensitive differentiation algorithms compare changes in terrain & infrastructure over time for maintenance decisions.

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